Construction-and-mounting works

Production of grain storage silos is the main activity of CJSC «SelEnergo» today. Our company manufactures silos of any size, with flat and cone bottoms (up to 1000 MT (metric tonne) with a bulk density of wheat 750 kg/m3) under 45° and 60°.

According to the customer we provide a full range of services:

- design of silos and grain drying complexes (GDC);
- the supply of transport equipment (bucket elevators, conveyors, augers, electric valves, electric latches, etc.);
- manufacture and supply of control cabinets and control systems of our own production;
- installation and commissioning;
- remote control systems;
- modernization and overhaul of GDCs.

Our company designed, introduced and they are successfully operated for many years:

- a unique, patented automated process control system for grain drying, which has no analogues in the Republic of Belarus, CIS countries and Europe; - the climate control system in the premises for poultry and cattle, pig breeding farms.

Activity of CJSC «SelEnergo» is versatile and diversified. At present the main direction of the company’s activity is execution of various kinds of construction-and-mounting and specialized works:

- electric installation works (installation of networks and systems of power supply, electric lighting);
- works on installation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures;
- works on mounting of reinforced concrete and steel structures;
- sanitary-engineering works (installation of networks and systems of heating, water supply, sewage, ventilation);
- waterproof and heat-insulating works;
- common construction works;
- works on installation of brick masonries;
- ground works, hole-punctures, performed by mechanized method;
- outdoor and indoor gas supply, including mounting, repair and adjustment of technical devices, applied at hazardous industrial objects, where the following equipment is used: gas-distribution and gas-consumption systems (gas pipelines (distribution, gas pipelines -inputs); gas equipment (control, safety-assembled, safety-locking, filtering); fitting parts and details, flexible fittings; supporting armature; gas-distributing point, box-type gas distribution point, gas control unit, compound pressure controller; heat-generating units; gas-consumption industrial units and devices; infrared-radiation burners; gas-burning devices; automation and signaling system; indoor gas-pipelines and gas equipment for various-purpose objects and buildings (except of municipal-household and household consumers).

CJSC «SelEnergo» exercises also erection, repair and adjustment of steam boilers with steam pressure not exceeding 0,07 МPа and water-heating boilers with water- heating temperature not exceeding 115ºС. The most large-scale project is a «Gas- boiler house in Sloboda village of Ozeritsk-Sloboda village Council in Smolevichi District».