Electrophysical measurements

In CJSC «SelEnergo» we have an attested electrical measuring laboratory. We make electrophysical measurements of:

- grounding grid;
- one- and three-phase leads to buildings, installations, apartment houses;
- electrical potential balancing device (EPBD) – of various kinds of electrical installations.

For making electrophysical measurements of electrical installations and electrical equipment, our enterprise is equipped with all necessary measuring devices, we have highly qualified specialists, who had undergone special training and examination; service vehicle, measuring and testing methods and programs.

The procedure of electrophysical measurements is governed by the Instructions for usage of electrical energy, rules of arrangement of electric installations, Interindustry rules on labour protection during execution of works in electric installations, operational regulations for consumers of electric facilities and is supervised by Consumers, State Power Supply Inspectorate (GosEnergoNadzor) and Fire Safety Authority (GosPozhNadzor).

Electrophysical measurements guarantee:

— objective estimation of reliable and safety work of electric installations (power supply networks), electrical equipment, their compliance to the requirements of Technical Regulatory Legal Acts (TRLA);

— quality evaluation of the performed installation and wiring works and (or) repair jobs, and also compliance of the assembled and mounted equipment and networks to the requirements of Technical Regulatory Legal Acts (TRLA), operational capability;

— checkout of the operational reliability level of electrical installations (electric power networks), electrical equipment. Detection of the circuits, which are not in conformity with the requirements of Technical Regulatory Legal Acts (TRLA), and which operation might lead to endangering the security of the peoples’ vital activity, material damages, breakdowns and accidents;

— evaluation of reliability level, working life and efficiency of earthing loops and devices of lightning protection for the buildings and structures of all the levels.