Our Developments


Automatic Process Control System for Grain Drying (APCS for grain drying)

We have developed and successfully introduced in Mozyr District at RUE «Sovkhoz-Kombinat Zarya» a new automatic process control system for grain drying, which has no analogues. The automatic process control system for grain drying, developed by CJSC «SelEnergo», in contrast to the operator’s manual actions, manages fast and effectively with the slightest deviations in drying process and makes corrections of parameters for resetting to the best performance of the drying process, and in an unforeseen situation it activates an emergency shutdown of grain-drier, while in manual mode a certain period of time is required, which might be enough for getting unconditioned grain.


APCS for grain drying is patented. Useful model patent №6649 was issued by National Center of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus on December 24, 2009.

Download Operation Manual:     File size: 1280 Kb


System for Maintaining Indoor Microclimate for Housing a Stock of Cattle

In CJSC «SelEnergo» it is developed jointly with RUP "Research-Practical Center of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus on mechanization in agricultural industry", a system for maintaining indoor microclimate for housing a stock cattle. Controlling over the supplied ventilation and the system of sliding sash windows, the Automation Microclimate Control System (AMCS) provides the required microclimate. The system of sliding slash windows is divided into two groups and is connected to the gauges of temperature, humidity and wind.

Download Technical Description and Operation Manual:     File size: 477 Kb

System for Maintaining Indoor Microclimate for Poultry Housing

We have developed and successfully adopted at RUAPE «Smolevichi Broiler Poultry Plant» (operates 50 poultry houses since 2006), a system of Automation Microclimate Control System. The system in automatic mode maintains temperature conditions, necessary ventilation capacity, alarm warning in case of deviation from the set parameters, smooth control over lighting and a device for humidity support.  The control system allows to maintain the required parameters of microclimate during all the period of the poultry growth

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System for Automation of Water-Heating Process for technological needs and shower rooms, control over street, working and telltale lighting

The system maintains automatic switching-on and cutting-off depending on the water heaters temperature according to the previously set time-table of lighting. The working lighting is in switched-on mode exactly so much time, as it is necessary for milking process, after that the system cuts off the working lighting and switches on a telltale one in non personal operation mode. At an ordinary diary farm for 200 heads it can be saved about 1000 kW of electric power per month.

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Control Unit for Liquid Fuel Burners UL-4B-00-01(00) "Aksamit-001"

For control over liquid fuel burners UL-4B-00-01(00), integrated into the grain-drying complexes М-819(820), it was developed in the year 2004 a control unit "Aksamit-001". Economic effect while operating "Aksamit-001" is the following: reduction of fuel consumption by 20% (owing to fuel economy by ignition, precise tracing of the set temperature conditions); reduction of electric power charges by 10%; reduction of charges for repair and maintenance of the equipment.

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