Director of CJSC «SelEnergo»
Sergey Us

History of the Enterprise

Closed Joint Stock Company «SelEnergo» was created on December 31, 1996 on the basis of decision, made at the Meeting of authorized representatives of the members (shareholders) of «RaiAgroPromEnergo», an interfarm production-and-maintenance enterprise on energy and electrification of agro-industrial complex in Smolevichi District, on reorganization into Closed Joint Stock Company «SelEnergo» (CJSC «SelEnergo»).

CJSC «SelEnergo» is a legal successor of «RaiAgroPromEnergo», an interfarm production-and-maintenance enterprise on energy and electrification of agro- industrial complex in Smolevichi District, conducting its activity since 1976.

From the very beginning the company’s activity was directed to servicing of agricultural enterprises of Smolevichi District. The main types of activity were: maintenance and repair of electric equipment, works and services on electrification, supervision over electric installation works; services in electrophysical measurements.

In 2000-2005 the list of works performed has been increasing significantly. Besides previously performed works, CJSC «SelEnergo» masters construction of engineering structures, sanitary-engineering and insulating works, ground works, installation of engineering equipment, design-projecting works, as well as activity in sphere of industrial safety.

From the moment of the enterprise’s foundation it is clearly observed the tendency of dynamic development, relying on our «own steam». Known to specialists as a mounting-and –erecting enterprise, working qualitatively in the market of energy-saving, supply of electricity and lighting, systems and networks of water supply and sewage, outdoor and indoor gas-supplying networks, assembly and erection of grain-cleaning and grain-drying equipment, our company has a serious experience in various types of erection, maintenance and repair works.

We have developed and introduced more than 150 drying complexes of Polish production and М-819 dryers. We have reconditioned and mounted over 100 grain-cleaning and grain-drying complexes within the last five years. We also deal with development and designing of networks for supply of electricity and automation (Instrumentation and automated control systems - IACS) of grain cleaning-and-drying complexes. The systems are successfully operated at many enterprises of agro-industrial complex.

At present the economical activity of the company has significantly expanded and now it includes the following kinds of work::

1. Production of grain storage silos is the main activity of CJSC «SelEnergo» today. Our company manufactures silos of any size, with flat and cone bottoms (up to 1000 MT (metric tonne) with a bulk density of wheat 750 kg/m3) under 45° and 60°.

According to the customer we provide a full range of services:
­- design of silos and grain drying complexes (GDC);
- the supply of transport equipment (bucket elevators, conveyors, augers, electric valves, electric latches, etc.);
­- manufacture and supply of control cabinets and control systems of our own production;
­- installation and commissioning;
­- remote control systems;
­- modernization and overhaul of GDCs.

Our company designed, introduced and they are successfully operated for many years:
­- a unique, patented automated process control system for grain drying, which has no analogues in the Republic of Belarus, CIS countries and Europe;
­- the climate control system in the premises for poultry and cattle, pig breeding farms.

2. Construction-and-assembly and special jobs:
- electric installation works (installation of networks and systems for electric supply, electric lighting);
- sanitary-technical works (installation of networks and systems for heating, water-supply, sewage, gas-supply, ventilation);
- waterproofing and heat-insulating works;
- works for mounting of supporting iron and safeguard metal structures;
- works on installation of stone structures;
- ground works, puncture of holes, made by mechanized means when making basements and foundations, laying of communication cables; with a right for foreign economic activity;

3. Development of the following sections of design documentation:
- technical equipment, networks and systems of power supply and electric lighting.

4. Works in sphere of industrial safety:
- services with the help of fully mobile jib cranes;
- assembly, repair, adjustment of technical devices (boilers, gas-distributing and grain cleaning-and-drying equipment), used at hazardous industrial objects.

5. Electro-physical tests.

During all the period of the company’s existence we continue to conduct successfully and in considerably enlarged scope the direction of agricultural specialization:

- assembly and mounting of any kind of equipment in the indoor agricultural structures (farms);
- assembly and mounting of grain cleaning-and-drying complexes;
- complete overhauling, reconditioning and maintenance of М-819 grain cleaning-and-drying complexes.

CJSC «SelEnergo» is a pioneer-enterprise in sphere of development and introduction of such high technologies, as fully automated control system over grain drying process for grain cleaning-and-drying complexes, maintaining microclimate and ventilation in livestock buildings.

At present the enterprise started to master and has already a successful experience in sphere of construction of gas-boiler houses.

It is introduced in the company the system of quality management for complying of the works and services performed with the requirements of safety standards STB ISO 9001-2009, and, correspondingly with the International standard ISO 9001 - 2008.

The system of quality management in designing, performing of construction-and-mounting and specialized works, which corresponds to the standard of STB ISO 9001-2009, was certified on August 5, 2009. (The Certificate of Conformity is entered into the Register of National System of Conformity Attestation of the Republic of Belarus № BY/112 05.01./003 1790 and is valid till 05.08.2012).

The quality management system is extended over the activity of CJSC «SelEnergo» in relation to the development of the following sections of design documentation: networks and systems of power supply, electric lighting; general construction and ground works; electric installation works; sanitary-engineering works; assembly and mounting, repair and adjustment of steam boilers, engineering devices, used at hazardous objects; mounting of monolithic precast and reinforced concrete structures; erection, repair, adjustment of Instrumentation and automated control systems (IACS) and Security and Fire Alarm (SFA); mounting and repair of metal structures. Availability of technical equipment at CJSC «SelEnergo» is at serious level, which is renewed from year to year. Auto-tractor fleet of the enterprise numbers 75 units of equipment, including 4 mobile cranes, 3 mobile elevating work platforms, 2 concrete-mixing trucks, 2 drill-boring cranes, 9 multipurpose tractor excavators, 6 units of board and dumping equipment, 28 cargo-and-passenger minibuses, cars and many others.

Availability of such a serious fleet of vehicles and machinery provides execution of construction-and- mounting and specialized jobs by our own efforts, and renting of specialized equipment secures regular and stable income of the enterprise in any time of a calendar year.