CJSC «SelEnergo» declares an intake of qualified, young, but competent and ready to work with full efficiency employees on the following specialities:

- certified chief engineer of construction organization;
- certified foremen and craftsmen of construction-and-mounting and special works;
- chief engineers of projects (CEP) and design engineers, detailers on directions: «power supply», «gas supply», «heat supply», «water supply and sewage»;
- principal engineers of cost-estimation and contract department;
- cost-estimating engineers;
- experienced economist on labour and wages;
- lawyer with professional experience in construction organizations;
- storekeeper;

and also working specialities:

- adjusters of instrumentation and automated control systems (IACS);
- construction electricians of high proficiency;
- skilful metalworkers in assembly of metal structures;
- mounters of pipelines;
- internal plumbers;
- external plumbers (roofers);

Wages are stable, sufficiently high (according to the interlocution results). We meet you from 8.00 till 17.00 on business days at our address: Torgovaya Str.,20, Smolevichi, Minsk Region.